Bachelor's Study Programmes

•  School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering

     Chemical Engineering and Technology

     Applied chemistry

ٺ     Material Chemistry

     Environmental Engineering

ٺ     Environmental Science


•  School of Mechanical Engineering

ٺ     Machine Design & Manufacturing

     Material Shaping & Controlling Engineering

     Industrial Design

     Process Equipment & Control Engineering/p>

ٺ     Packaging Engineering


•  School of Animal Science and Nutritional Engineering

ٺ     Animal Science

ٺ     Aquaculture

     Animal Biotechnology


•  School of Electric & Electronic Engineering

     Electric Engineering & Automation

ٺ     Automation

     Electronic Information Engineering

     Telecommunication Engineering

ٺ     Microelectronics

ٺ     Electronic Information Science & Technology


•  School of Mathematics and Computer Science

ٺ     Computer Science and Technology

     Software Engineering

ٺ     Network Engineering

     Digital Media Technology

ٺ     Information Management and Information System

     Information and Computing Science


•  School of Civil Engineering and Architecture

ٺ     Civil Engineering

ٺ     Engineering Management

ٺ     Architectonics

ٺ     Water Supply and Drainage Engineering

     Traffic Engineering


•  School of Economics and Management

     Business Administration


ٺ     Accounting

ٺ     Tourism Management

     Logistics Management

ٺ     Finance


•  School of Arts and Media


ٺ     Advertising

     Chinese Language and Literature

     Cultural Industries Management

ٺ     Art Design

ٺ     Animation


•  School of Medical Technology and Nursing

ٺ     Nursing

ٺ     Rehabilitation Treatment


•  School of Foreign Languages

ٺ     English


• School of International Education

     Food Science and EngineeringBeer Brewing and Beverage Processing)


•  School of Food Science and Engineering

     Food Science & Engineering

     Food Quality and Safety

     Food Engineering


•  School of Biology and Pharmaceutical Engineering

ٺ     Biological Engineering


     Biological Sciences

ٺ     Pharmaceutical Engineering

     Pharmaceutical Preparations


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